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authorMark Hatle <mark.hatle@kernel.crashing.org>2020-02-07 09:48:58 -0600
committerMark Hatle <mark.hatle@kernel.crashing.org>2020-02-07 10:10:47 -0600
commitd91b1d05daac091faa470fd3757f0e874f2c3551 (patch)
tree2a4036c5bb504b9ebba6bd3b15a19335b207e64e /meta/conf/bitbake.conf
parent15c64d0fd8cacef030137cbb6ee5f3248ba78907 (diff)
package.bbclass: Support stripping and debug copy of static librariesmgh/pkg-strip
By default, we won't copy and strip static libraries. However, this functionality can be useful in some cases where people are doing development on the target, and don't generally want the larger debug capable static libraries. To enable the new functionality set: PACKAGE_DEBUG_STATIC_SPLIT = '1' Add a new function splitstaticdebuginfo. Thus function will copy the unmodified static library into the specific debug directory location. By keeping an unmodified version, it is possible for a user trying to debug something to use -L /usr/lib/.debug-static and their existing build commands to switch from stripped to full debug versions. The PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE will select between two different approaches, /usr/lib/debug-static or <path>/.debug-static. Additionally you can now choose to strip static libraries to conserve space. If either 'PACKAGE_DEBUG_STATIC_SPLIT' or 'PACKAGE_STRIP_STATIC' is set to 1, the static library will be stripped. (This is not on by default, as it could make diagnosing static library usage difficult in some cases.) Add to insane.bbclass a skip to the staticdev warning for the specific -dbg package versions. Signed-off-by: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@kernel.crashing.org>
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diff --git a/meta/conf/bitbake.conf b/meta/conf/bitbake.conf
index 8b4621f9b9..954c06b313 100644
--- a/meta/conf/bitbake.conf
+++ b/meta/conf/bitbake.conf
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ FILES_${PN}-staticdev = "${libdir}/*.a ${base_libdir}/*.a ${libdir}/${BPN}/*.a"
SECTION_${PN}-staticdev = "devel"
RDEPENDS_${PN}-staticdev = "${PN}-dev (= ${EXTENDPKGV})"
-FILES_${PN}-dbg = "/usr/lib/debug /usr/src/debug"
+FILES_${PN}-dbg = "/usr/lib/debug /usr/lib/debug-static /usr/src/debug"
SECTION_${PN}-dbg = "devel"
ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dbg = "1"