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scripts/oe-depends-dot: add it to handle dot filesrbt/oe-dot
Add it to handle recipe-depends.dot and task-depends.dot. E.g.: * Print why rpm is built $ oe-depends-dot -k rpm --why/-w recipe-depends.dot Because: core-image-sato libdnf libsolv dnf * Print bzip2-native's depends $ oe-depends-dot -k bzip2-native --depends/-d recipe-depends.dot Depends: automake-native gnu-config-native libtool-native quilt-native autoconf-native * Remove duplicated dependencies to reduce the size of the dot files. For example, A->B, B->C, A->C, then A->C can be removed. The dot files are too big, we nearly couldn't use 'dot -T' to generate pictcures for target recipes, remove the duplicated dependencies makes is it possible. $ bitbake core-image-sato -g $ oe-depends-dot -r recipe-depends.dot Saving reduced dot file to recipe-depends-reduced.dot $ du -sh recipe-depends*.dot 608K recipe-depends.dot 32K recipe-depends-reduced.dot It has been recuded from 608K to 32K, now we can generate a picture, otherwise, it is too big: $ dot -Tpng recipe-depends-reduced.dot -O It also can handle task-depends.dot. Signed-off-by: Robert Yang <liezhi.yang@windriver.com>
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