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committerAlexandre Belloni <alexandre.belloni@bootlin.com>2022-10-03 04:42:24 +0200
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base-passwd: Update to 3.6.1
Add a patch to support configuring whether SELinux is enabled or not. Also add a PACKAGECONFIG for SELinux support and enable it if the "selinux" distro feature is enabled. Remove two patches that have been applied upstream. Changes since 3.5.52: * 5928e85: German (thanks, Helge Kreutzmann) * 72cb6a6: Remove constraints unnecessary since buster * 2f71444: Merge branch 'scrub-obsolete' into 'master' * 5a578e7: Drop Build-Depends: dpkg * 44f28e1: Apply wrap-and-sort -at * 1fe0338: Upgrade to debhelper v13 * d77d38c: Simplify some debhelper overrides slightly * 2143651: Implement SELinux awareness when updating /etc/{passwd,group,shadow} * 0b824ad: improve enforcing handling * e2f0c03: update-passwd.c: use raw selinux labeles * 8d45264: selinux_prepare_create_file: return error from setfscreatecon_raw * 2f23448: selinux_after_create_file: save errno * 6953dd1: update-passwd.c: replace goto error handling * 32fbf59: cleanup * 3c3eb67: fixup goto * 585126f: implement feedback * 02a366b: users-and-groups: Update copyright years * 7849c61: users-and-groups: Rename ssh group to _ssh * 06ed6f4: update-passwd.c: set walk to walk->next before removing * ef6baea: users-and-groups: Document libvirt group * 68e02a3: Stop creating the gnats user and group on new installations * cb6e2a9: Restore Build-Depends sorting * 0e1afc1: Tidy up whitespace * 6005a06: Merge branch 'selinux' into 'master' * 24046cb: Bump version to 3.6.0 * c72aa5d: Make it possible to build without debconf support * 2a6d16e: Make it possible to disable the generation of the documentation * 60ece0c: Merge branch 'master' into 'master' * 63d0f94: Add changelog entry * cbae4a5: update-passwd: add format attribute * b71eb04: update-passwd: use strict prototypes * df48ea8: update-passwd: silence potential null dereference * cddc9df: update-passwd: print filename on fclose error * d05f8a3: update-passwd: use correct filename in copy_filemodes * 11e6466: update-passwd: drop t flag from fopen * 347aeb6: update-passwd: open temporary file exclusively * a697493: d/salsa-ci.yml: add standard salsa ci configuration * 2f622f4: configure: replace obsolete macro * 43ebe64: Add changelog entry * e1a186b: frozen the group id for crontab, in order to fix #1012622 * 5ce7773: frozen the group id for crontab, closes: #1012622 * 670c2be: Revert "frozen the group id for crontab, closes: #1012622" * bc1ad19: Revert "Revert "frozen the group id for crontab, closes: #1012622"" * 12122c6: Revert "frozen the group id for crontab, in order to fix #1012622" * 0145e8a: Revert "frozen the group id for crontab, closes: #1012622" * c8125ff: releasing package base-passwd version 3.6.0 * dc157c6: passwd.master: Add _apt user * e50024c: Merge branch 'misc' into 'master' * 7fb5ad8: debian/postinst: Fix several shellcheck issues * 8f07b66: releasing package base-passwd version 3.6.1 Signed-off-by: Peter Kjellerstedt <peter.kjellerstedt@axis.com> Signed-off-by: Alexandre Belloni <alexandre.belloni@bootlin.com>
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