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committerRichard Purdie <>2015-07-28 18:02:32 +0100
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yocto-project-qs and others: Rewrite of the QS
This was a complete re-write of the YP Quick Start in an attempt to streamline it, remove unecessary detail, and make it flow better with the examples. In doing so, many manuals were affected due to section headings being renamed, information being moved, etc. Here is a list of the changes by manual: Makefile - Removed two figures from TARFILE list for the yocto-project-qs. Added building-an-image.png to the ref-manual TARFILE list. Added using-a-pre-build-image.png to the adt-manual TARFILE list. Repositioned 'eclipse' in the adt-manual TARFILE list. adt-manual: Fixed a cross-reference so that it goes to the new 'Building Images' section that is within the YP QS. Added new section 'Example Using Pre-Build Binaries and QEMU' to hold the information that was formerly in YP QS. dev-manual: Removed a cross-reference into the YP QS that promised how to configure the most efficent build. Changed a cross-reference into the YP QS from 'The Packages' to 'The Build System Packages'. Changed a cross-reference into the YP QS from 'Building an Image' to 'Building Images'. Changed a text reference from the YP QS to the adt-manual. Moved the bit about getting YP files by using the YP website from the YP QS to the dev-manual. Changed a cross-reference into the YP QS from 'Using Pre-Built Binaries and QEMU' to 'Example Using Pre-built Binaries and QEMU', which was moved to the adt-manual. ref-manual: Changed a cross-reference into the YP QS from 'What You Need and How You Get It' to 'Setting Up to Use the Yocto Project'. Moved the note about if your system has oss4-dev in the packages area in the YP QS to the appropriate area in the ref-manual. Moved the introduction information regarding building an image along with the figure from YP QS to the ref-manual's section on building images. toaster-manual: Changed a cross-reference into the YP QS from 'What You Need and How You Get It' to 'Setting Up to Use the Yocto Project'. yocto-project-qs: Complete rewrite that changed many section headings and removed much detail, which was placed in other manuals. (From yocto-docs rev: da4ed8147b04963a700caa784bda709c57b4eb6e) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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diff --git a/documentation/Makefile b/documentation/Makefile
index 71420ac2bb..9197a40a78 100644
--- a/documentation/Makefile
+++ b/documentation/Makefile
@@ -147,7 +147,6 @@ ifeq ($(DOC),yocto-project-qs)
XSLTOPTS = --xinclude
ALLPREQ = html eclipse tarball
TARFILES = yocto-project-qs.html qs-style.css figures/yocto-environment.png \
- figures/building-an-image.png figures/using-a-pre-built-image.png \
figures/yocto-project-transp.png \
MANUALS = $(DOC)/$(DOC).html $(DOC)/eclipse
@@ -263,7 +262,7 @@ TARFILES = ref-manual.html ref-style.css figures/poky-title.png \
figures/images.png figures/sdk.png figures/source-fetching.png \
figures/patching.png figures/configuration-compile-autoreconf.png \
figures/analysis-for-package-splitting.png figures/image-generation.png \
- figures/sdk-generation.png
+ figures/sdk-generation.png figures/building-an-image.png
MANUALS = $(DOC)/$(DOC).html $(DOC)/eclipse
FIGURES = figures
@@ -274,7 +273,8 @@ ifeq ($(DOC),adt-manual)
XSLTOPTS = --xinclude
ALLPREQ = html eclipse tarball
TARFILES = adt-manual.html adt-style.css figures/adt-title.png \
- eclipse
+ figures/using-a-pre-built-image.png \
+ eclipse
MANUALS = $(DOC)/$(DOC).html $(DOC)/eclipse
FIGURES = figures