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-'Poky' is a combined cross build system and linux distribution based
-upon OpenEmbedded. It features support for building X11/Matchbox/GTK
-based filesystem images for various embedded devices and boards.
+Poky platform builder is a combined cross build system and development
+environment. It features support for building X11/Matchbox/GTK based
+filesystem images for various embedded devices and boards. It also
+supports cross-architecture application development using QEMU emulation
+and a standalone toolchain and SDK with IDE integration.
+Poky has an extensive handbook, the source of which is contained in
+the handbook directory. For compiled HTML or pdf versions of this,
+see the Poky website http://pokylinux.org.
-Required Packages
-Running Poky on Debian based distributions requires the following
-extra packages be installed;
-bochsbios (to run qemux86 images)
-You also need to install the qemu from http://debian.o-hand.com/. A
-poky-depends deb is also available from this source which will install
-all the dependencies mentioned above for you.
-Alternatively poky can build qemu itself, but for this you need the
-following packages installed;
-You will also need to comment out ASSUME_PROVIDED += "qemu-native"' in
-Building under other distro's such as Fedora is known to work. Use the above
-package names as a guide for dependencies.
-Building An Image
-Simply run;
-% source poky-init-build-env
-% bitbake poky-image-sato
-This will result in an ext2 image and kernel for qemu arm (see scripts dir).
-To build for other machine types see MACHINE in build/conf/local.conf
-Other image targets such as poky-image-sdk or poky-image-minimal are available,
-see meta/packages/images/*.
-Useful Links;
-Poky Homepage
-OE Homepage and wiki
- Copyright (C) 2006-2007 OpenedHand Ltd.
+Additional information on the specifics of hardware that Poky supports
+is available in README.hardware.