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shadow: upgrade from to 4.2.1
Upgrade shadow from to 4.2.1. Changes during this upgrade are as following. 1. Remove the "merged" patches. These patches are either merged or the same functionality has been implemented upstream. add_root_cmd_groupmems.patch add_root_cmd_options.patch fix-etc-gshadow-reading.patch shadow- shadow- shadow- shadow.automake-1.11.patch shadow_fix_for_automake-1.12.patch useradd.patch 2. Remove the unneeded patch. The following patch has been removed because the logic in the related codes of the new version has been changed. In specific, the codes now can handle the 'NULL' return value. So there's no need for the following patch. slackware_fix_for_glib-2.17_crypt.patch 3. Teak the current patch to match the new version. allow-for-setting-password-in-clear-text.patch 4. Add a patch to fix compilation failure. usermod-fix-compilation-failure-with-subids-disabled.patch 5. Add a patch to fix the installation failure. fix-installation-failure-with-subids-disabled.patch 5. Add a patch to fix the failure at rootfs time if extrausers is inherited. commonio.c-fix-unexpected-open-failure-in-chroot-env.patch 6. Fix the bad section in the recipe. 7. Disable the new subids feature in the new version as it doesn't support cross compilation for now. 8. Modify the pkg_postinst to `exit 1' if the `pwconv' or `grpconv' fails. Also, fix the arguments to use '--root $D' instead of '--root=$D'. 9. Add a patch for shadow-native to create parent directories when necessary. 0001-useradd.c-create-parent-directories-when-necessary.patch Signed-off-by: Chen Qi <Qi.Chen@windriver.com>
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