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authorAndrew Geissler <geissonator@gmail.com>2020-09-23 13:14:47 -0500
committerRichard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>2020-09-24 22:32:44 +0100
commitb6923b3805ebdfdcfa1312bf5b0f368fe800029c (patch)
parent6f01acae9c279e0a580f46d1ba4c015caa3f8c2c (diff)
systemd: Upgrade v246.2 -> v246.6
0001-Use-PREFIX-ROOTPREFIX-correctly.patch was fixed fix the following: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/17009 2ee1c57c4f (tag: v246.6) kernel-install/90-loaderentry: fix when /boot is not mountpoint a2a8802abe homed: make clean that --storage=directory --image-path=/dev/some-block-device is not supported e1df274a76 homed: make sure our worker processes finish before we exit f2763ff6cd nspawn: fix fd leak on failure path 6f9c8af500 nspawn: check return of setsid() 31875b3cb0 dissect: is_loop_device() returns negative on error, don't mistake that is true 418cf0e78c dissect: always invalidate secondary arch partitions if we found primary arch 1d17c00260 util: wireguard is merged into upstream kernel 48a308b76a repart: don't mark image files generated with --empty=create executable 9353607ef3 man: substitute path to rc.local in the man page f2b9345cd2 meson: RC_LOCAL_SCRIPT_PATH_START to RC_LOCAL_PATH b0fff9012a socket-proxy: allow localhost addresses 5e8bf33de1 sd-bus: allow localhost addresses ad77a988f2 fstab-generator: add 'nofail' when NFS 'bg' option is used d08f6fddc0 busctl: add missing shortopt -l 64d58480ac socket-util: reset length argument for second getsockopt call in fd_[gs]et_rcvbuf 0046c58334 test: use pclose() for popen() 689d2e061b core: propagate unit start limit hit state to triggering path unit 2f53d690ea core: propagate triggered unit in more load states a06cf9a5ba bootctl: handle if LoaderSystemToken is invalid for some reason e2c0023dd2 test-fileio: test test strings with shell, too 251b96c9b5 test-env-file: add test that tests our env file read + writer + shell against each other 4d1922d8bb env-file: bring our decoding of double-quoted strings in env files in line with shell 281581cd74 test-fileio: use test strings that are actually valid in shell 366d38d8ed man: document that RemainAfterElapse=no means that also the triggered unit needs to deactivate d0f0f048ec (tag: v246.5) sd-path: use ROOTPREFIX without suffixed slash e662cf6d51 hashmap: make sure to initialize shared hash key atomically da310c6b45 socket: downgrade log warnings about inability to set socket buffer sizes ab6fcd9135 core: fix securebits setting 4f6925484d capability-util: add new function for raising setpcap 771436884d network: do not add prefix to RA if radv is not configured fb2afc5f30 man: document the random delay of persistent timers b2006ddc8f test-network: add test for ENOBUFS issue #17012 8758580ef5 backlight: do not claim that ID_BACKLIGHT_CLAMP= property is not set 57fc184a6c fs-util,tmpfiles: fix error handling of fchmod_opath() db0f031e70 bootctl: don't accidentally propagate errors in "bootctl status" 3e2c806681 ethtool-util: don't pass error value that isn't used to log_syntax b671730edb network: don't fail on various config parse errors 0ad86030c5 man: document that sd_bus_message_close_container() may only be called at end of container f3da018017 cryptsetup: Fix null pointer dereference (#16987) 6f65eaf9c2 core: fix set keep caps for ambient capabilities 08338a234e core: fix comments on ambient capabilities f0e6d9876d network: make log_link_error() or friends return void 35766dc61b core: make log_unit_error() or friends return void 3ed10b2ee8 core/slice: explicitly specify return value 2f6406914b udev: do not discard const qualifier 07671aa4cc sd-device: make log_device_error() or friends return void d4bea73972 udev: explicitly specify return value 7db399be1e udev: return negative errno for invalid EVDEV_ABS_XXX= property 8c8d188e85 udev: make log_rule_error() or friends return void 4921375fd3 socket: fix copy/paste error 0f7fd97749 udev: warn if failed to set buffer size for device monitor fc763d38d8 network: increase receive buffer size for device monitor 3bf7797f1f network: do not start device monitor if /sys is read-only ebc0729c6a network: honor the buffer size specified in networkd.socket ef3d2e178b core/socket: use fd_set_{rcv,snd}buf() 5dd4cc4b10 sd-device-monitor: use fd_set_rcvbuf() fe9b92e566 util: introduce fd_set_{snd,rcv}buf() 4dcae66688 util: try to set with SO_{RCV,SND}BUFFORCE when requested size is larger than the kernel limit 4b6b523946 util: refuse to set too large value for socket buffer size b4be8edb45 network: ignore error on increasing netlink receive buffer size 5ce47fb491 tree-wide: if get_block_device() returns zero devno, check for it in all cases 8ea6ec18e7 btrfs: if BTRFS_IOC_DEV_INFO returns /dev/root generate a friendly error message e1ff4947d2 basic/log: make log_{info,warning,...} return void 8019995e9a tree-wide: correct cases where return log_{error,warning} is used without value 932f4c3e8b test-execute/exec-dynamicuser-statedir.service: fix quoting 16b9426f70 man: fix quickhelp listing in sysusers.d(5) bde903d9e9 network: fix NDisc handling for the case when multiple routers exist c965063b64 network: expose route_{hash,compare}_func() 6d24a40669 network: expose address_{hash,compare}_func() 054838a2e0 util: expose in6_addr_{hash,compare}_func() 58bd4a70de network: fixes gateway assignment through DHCPv4 8ad5382fe3 bash-completion: resolvectl: support 'log-level' command a98bd75072 resolvectl: add 'log-level' to help message 78262fe807 core/socket: we may get ENOTCONN from socket_instantiate_service() fecb3f00c4 homed: remember the secret even when the for_state is FIXATING_FOR_ACQUIRE dc2e82af33 (tag: v246.4) core: create per-user inaccessible node from the service manager 0b3c497347 nspawn,pid1: pass "inaccessible" nodes from cntr mgr to pid1 payload via /run/host 2239965c29 coredump: don't convert s → µs twice 61d29b7f8c firstboot: fill empty color if ansi_color unavailable from os-release 9678a3daf6 varlink: do not parse invalid messages twice 4e516dcbc1 userdbctl: add forgotten --output mode in help aee20dfbd8 shared/{user,group}-record-nss: adjust filtering of "valid" passwords 5933d77afe doc: cross link sd_listen_fd() docs a bit 97fdde3239 Rework how we cache mtime to figure out if units changed 0500968241 core: always try to reload not-found unit 8ae22f0d64 pid1: use the cache mtime not clock to "mark" load attempts 715507c277 core: rename manager_unit_file_maybe_loadable_from_cache() 20ad76d0a7 man: document fd ownership for sd-bus fd marshalling 38ae73fafd resolved: make sure we initialize t->answer_errno before completing the transaction a1ba0fbef6 homed: fix log message to honor real homework path d6b1e659b3 src/shared/dissect-image.c: fix build without blkdid (#16901) e42f9add21 analyze: fix error handling in one case 4804ce1488 units: add missing usb-gadget.target 5ad4e68c37 man: extend on the usec/sec discrepancy 2fb612371d login/logind: Include sys/stat.h for struct stat usage 5e884e7ee0 partition/makefs: Include missing sys/file.h header 7bbc3807da network: dhcp6: logs only new address 2056429e0f Don't run test-repart when loop devices are not available dcbea51c5a man: clarify that several networkctl commands takes device names 16e4cfcc82 networkctl: label command does not take any argument 2352921244 missing: Add new Linux capability 8b29c4a4f9 tty-ask-pw-agent: properly propagate error f7ce2e9839 tty-ask-pw-agent: the message string might not be set 29cba5c9ef tty-ask-pw-agent: make sure "--list" works correctly e1ce367d73 add "list" verb to autocompleted commands 1f4cb5da1e shell-completion/zsh: add missing verbs for networkctl a4236a2764 path: Improve $PATH search directory case b7cef386bd (tag: v246.3) path: Skip directories when finalising $PATH search 122945f315 rules: don't install 80-drivers.rules when kmod is disabled 42fab2d454 zsh: correct journalctl command completion parsing ed3f97f962 basic/missing_syscall: fix syscall numbers for arm64 :( ba6e7f7c46 shared/install: fix preset operations for non-service instantiated units d39f139348 nss-resolve: treat BUS_ERROR_NO_SUCH_UNIT the same as SD_BUS_ERROR_SERVICE_UNKNOWN too 9bb3e64d71 various: treat BUS_ERROR_NO_SUCH_UNIT the same as SD_BUS_ERROR_SERVICE_UNKNOWN 6d802dd596 man: drop reference to long gone .busname unit type a29656804b man: fix a fix of a typo in systemd.service example 21ce0f5b33 network: can: Fix CAN initialization cab5cde8c9 man: update autogenerated dbus api lists 0d8000522b man: fix invalid tag place ea94f218be man: add conditionals to more man pages ef91325349 meson: add ENABLE_ANALYZE conditional 83f7c0a7ec core: add missing conditions/asserts to unit file parsing 716718155d analyze: rework condition testing 5c4c7581bc sd-bus: fix error handling on readv() 6cd058f305 user-runtime-dir: deal gracefully with missing logind properties 6a2d73638d shared/seccomp: do not use ifdef guards around textual syscall names 7355ac9689 machine-id-setup: don't use KVM or container manager supplied uuid if in chroot env 496a71f444 man: Fix typo in systemd-tmpfiles 6c5d216ad8 homework: downgrade chattr failure log message 1708f06a00 homework: explicitly close cryptsetup context, to not keep loopback device busy a21eaa2a3a homework: correct error passed into log message 3a2d169f36 homework: sync everything to disk before we rename LUKS loopback file into place 84e1ab74d2 homed: downgrade quota message in containers 8b62cadf36 analyze-security: do not assign badness to filtered-out syscalls 29854a5437 NEWS: clarify two points 4cb4fb82f7 meson: add min version for libfdisk 76331f86f6 load-fragment: fix grammar in error messages 1e53c2d70f Fix function description in logind man page 669066564d network: do not fail if UseMTU=yes on DHCP lease lost a2a3f16cdc missing_syscall: do not use function name that may conflict with glibc 4091dcd469 missing_syscall: fix pidfd_{send_signal,open} numbers for alpha 7875daf52b network: wait for previous address removal before configuring static addresses 120064b4a1 network: only process non-error message f44ec1de15 test: accept that char device 0/0 can now be created witout privileges Signed-off-by: Andrew Geissler <geissonator@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
-rw-r--r--meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_246.6.bb (renamed from meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_246.2.bb)1
3 files changed, 1 insertions, 83 deletions
diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd.inc b/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd.inc
index b0d4fe4033..1733565fc0 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd.inc
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd.inc
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ LICENSE = "GPLv2 & LGPLv2.1"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSE.GPL2;md5=751419260aa954499f7abaabaa882bbe \
-SRCREV = "91b37e6f0982e1e64c63017000248d7441a83a2e"
+SRCREV = "2ee1c57c4ff4fd3349cf03c2e89fbd18ca0b3a4a"
SRCBRANCH = "v246-stable"
SRC_URI = "git://github.com/systemd/systemd-stable.git;protocol=git;branch=${SRCBRANCH}"
diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd/0001-Use-PREFIX-ROOTPREFIX-correctly.patch b/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd/0001-Use-PREFIX-ROOTPREFIX-correctly.patch
deleted file mode 100644
index 953a33a7a7..0000000000
--- a/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd/0001-Use-PREFIX-ROOTPREFIX-correctly.patch
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,81 +0,0 @@
-From 2868e3b72d4ac02860e380d70c9af0d61a985790 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
-From: Alex Kiernan <alex.kiernan@gmail.com>
-Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020 16:07:12 +0000
-Subject: [PATCH] Use PREFIX/ROOTPREFIX correctly
-Signed-off-by: Alex Kiernan <alex.kiernan@gmail.com>
-Upstream-Status: Submitted [https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/16773]
- meson.build | 1 +
- src/core/systemd.pc.in | 8 ++++----
- src/libsystemd/sd-path/sd-path.c | 8 ++++----
- 3 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
-diff --git a/meson.build b/meson.build
-index dbbddb68e232..18618dba0623 100644
---- a/meson.build
-+++ b/meson.build
-@@ -226,6 +226,7 @@ conf.set_quoted('SYSTEMD_SHUTDOWN_BINARY_PATH', join_paths(rootlib
- conf.set_quoted('SYSTEMCTL_BINARY_PATH', join_paths(rootbindir, 'systemctl'))
- conf.set_quoted('SYSTEMD_TTY_ASK_PASSWORD_AGENT_BINARY_PATH', join_paths(rootbindir, 'systemd-tty-ask-password-agent'))
- conf.set_quoted('SYSTEMD_STDIO_BRIDGE_BINARY_PATH', join_paths(bindir, 'systemd-stdio-bridge'))
-+conf.set_quoted('PREFIX', prefixdir)
- conf.set_quoted('ROOTPREFIX', rootprefixdir)
- conf.set_quoted('RANDOM_SEED_DIR', randomseeddir)
- conf.set_quoted('RANDOM_SEED', join_paths(randomseeddir, 'random-seed'))
-diff --git a/src/core/systemd.pc.in b/src/core/systemd.pc.in
-index 8424837824b5..410a126317ad 100644
---- a/src/core/systemd.pc.in
-+++ b/src/core/systemd.pc.in
-@@ -65,16 +65,16 @@ systemdshutdowndir=${systemd_shutdown_dir}
- tmpfiles_dir=${prefix}/lib/tmpfiles.d
- tmpfilesdir=${tmpfiles_dir}
- sysusersdir=${sysusers_dir}
- sysctldir=${sysctl_dir}
- binfmtdir=${binfmt_dir}
- modulesloaddir=${modules_load_dir}
- catalog_dir=${prefix}/lib/systemd/catalog
-diff --git a/src/libsystemd/sd-path/sd-path.c b/src/libsystemd/sd-path/sd-path.c
-index 736795d1d797..3572916dc073 100644
---- a/src/libsystemd/sd-path/sd-path.c
-+++ b/src/libsystemd/sd-path/sd-path.c
-@@ -371,19 +371,19 @@ static int get_path(uint64_t type, char **buffer, const char **ret) {
- return 0;
-- *ret = ROOTPREFIX "/lib/sysusers.d";
-+ *ret = PREFIX "/lib/sysusers.d";
- return 0;
-- *ret = ROOTPREFIX "/lib/sysctl.d";
-+ *ret = PREFIX "/lib/sysctl.d";
- return 0;
-- *ret = ROOTPREFIX "/lib/binfmt.d";
-+ *ret = PREFIX "/lib/binfmt.d";
- return 0;
-- *ret = ROOTPREFIX "/lib/modules-load.d";
-+ *ret = PREFIX "/lib/modules-load.d";
- return 0;
diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_246.2.bb b/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_246.6.bb
index ab54bcba4a..b50ea0e4ad 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_246.2.bb
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd_246.6.bb
@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ SRC_URI += "file://touchscreen.rules \
file://99-default.preset \
file://0001-binfmt-Don-t-install-dependency-links-at-install-tim.patch \
file://0003-implment-systemd-sysv-install-for-OE.patch \
- file://0001-Use-PREFIX-ROOTPREFIX-correctly.patch \
# patches needed by musl