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authorUlf Magnusson <>2016-10-21 21:22:34 +0200
committerRichard Purdie <>2016-11-06 23:35:22 +0000
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task-time: Add simple buildstats analysis script
The 'task-time' Python script is used for simple manual analysis of buildstats. It displays task timing information in the same format (and using the same calculation) as the Bash 'time' builtin, and can optionally sort tasks by real (wall-clock), user (user space CPU), or sys (kernel CPU) time used. The timing information comes from the getrusage(2) fields added by commit adfdca4df18f ("buildstats: Improve to add getrusage data and corrected IO stats"). That commit is required for the script to work. Example 1: Running 'task-time' on a specific task buildstat: $ task-time ./20161005235448/gettext-0.16.1-r6/do_compile ./20161005235448/gettext-0.16.1-r6/do_compile: real 0m54.560s user 0m46.028s sys 0m2.772s Example 2: Running 'task-time' on a directory, sorting on wall-clock time: $ task-time tmp/buildstats/20161018083535 --sort real tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/bash-4.3.30-r0/do_fetch: real 10m59.140s user 0m1.152s sys 0m0.320s tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/readline-native-6.3-r0/do_fetch: real 8m57.310s user 0m0.860s sys 0m0.288s tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/perl-5.22.1-r0/do_compile: real 4m28.840s user 4m1.348s sys 0m15.816s ... Example 3: Running 'task-time' on all do_compile buildstats for a particular build by using shell globbing, sorting on user space CPU time: $ task-time tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/*/do_compile --sort user tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/qemu-native-2.7.0-r1/do_compile: real 0m49.570s user 21m45.236s sys 1m44.380s tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/linux-yocto-4.8+gitAUTOINC+03bf3dd731_67813e7efa-r0/do_compile: real 0m49.530s user 21m39.588s sys 1m59.576s tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/gcc-cross-i586-6.2.0-r0/do_compile: real 1m8.130s user 15m54.256s sys 1m28.776s ... Example 4: Comparing a task between two builds: $ task-time 201610052{25856,35448}/gettext-0*/do_compile --sort real 20161005235448/gettext-0.16.1-r6/do_compile: real 0m54.560s user 0m46.028s sys 0m2.772s 20161005225856/gettext- real 0m41.520s user 2m17.312s sys 0m7.536s Signed-off-by: Ulf Magnusson <> Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <>
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diff --git a/scripts/task-time b/scripts/task-time
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@@ -0,0 +1,132 @@
+#!/usr/bin/env python3
+import argparse
+import os
+import re
+import sys
+arg_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
+ description="""
+Reports time consumed for one or more task in a format similar to the standard
+Bash 'time' builtin. Optionally sorts tasks by real (wall-clock), user (user
+space CPU), or sys (kernel CPU) time.
+ "paths",
+ metavar="path",
+ nargs="+",
+ help="""
+A path containing task buildstats. If the path is a directory, e.g.
+build/tmp/buildstats, then all task found (recursively) in it will be
+processed. If the path is a single task buildstat, e.g.
+build/tmp/buildstats/20161018083535/foo-1.0-r0/do_compile, then just that
+buildstat will be processed. Multiple paths can be specified to process all of
+them. Files whose names do not start with "do_" are ignored.
+ "--sort",
+ choices=("none", "real", "user", "sys"),
+ default="none",
+ help="""
+The measurement to sort the output by. Defaults to 'none', which means to sort
+by the order paths were given on the command line. For other options, tasks are
+sorted in descending order from the highest value.
+args = arg_parser.parse_args()
+# Field names and regexes for parsing out their values from buildstat files
+field_regexes = (("elapsed", ".*Elapsed time: ([0-9.]+)"),
+ ("user", "rusage ru_utime: ([0-9.]+)"),
+ ("sys", "rusage ru_stime: ([0-9.]+)"),
+ ("child user", "Child rusage ru_utime: ([0-9.]+)"),
+ ("child sys", "Child rusage ru_stime: ([0-9.]+)"))
+# A list of (<path>, <dict>) tuples, where <path> is the path of a do_* task
+# buildstat file and <dict> maps fields from the file to their values
+task_infos = []
+def save_times_for_task(path):
+ """Saves information for the buildstat file 'path' in 'task_infos'."""
+ if not os.path.basename(path).startswith("do_"):
+ return
+ with open(path) as f:
+ fields = {}
+ for line in f:
+ for name, regex in field_regexes:
+ match = re.match(regex, line)
+ if match:
+ fields[name] = float(
+ break
+ # Check that all expected fields were present
+ for name, regex in field_regexes:
+ if name not in fields:
+ print("Warning: Skipping '{}' because no field matching '{}' could be found"
+ .format(path, regex),
+ file=sys.stderr)
+ return
+ task_infos.append((path, fields))
+def save_times_for_dir(path):
+ """Runs save_times_for_task() for each file in path and its subdirs, recursively."""
+ # Raise an exception for os.walk() errors instead of ignoring them
+ def walk_onerror(e):
+ raise e
+ for root, _, files in os.walk(path, onerror=walk_onerror):
+ for fname in files:
+ save_times_for_task(os.path.join(root, fname))
+for path in args.paths:
+ if os.path.isfile(path):
+ save_times_for_task(path)
+ else:
+ save_times_for_dir(path)
+def elapsed_time(task_info):
+ return task_info[1]["elapsed"]
+def tot_user_time(task_info):
+ return task_info[1]["user"] + task_info[1]["child user"]
+def tot_sys_time(task_info):
+ return task_info[1]["sys"] + task_info[1]["child sys"]
+if args.sort != "none":
+ sort_fn = {"real": elapsed_time, "user": tot_user_time, "sys": tot_sys_time}
+ task_infos.sort(key=sort_fn[args.sort], reverse=True)
+first_entry = True
+# Catching BrokenPipeError avoids annoying errors when the output is piped into
+# e.g. 'less' or 'head' and not completely read
+ for task_info in task_infos:
+ real = elapsed_time(task_info)
+ user = tot_user_time(task_info)
+ sys = tot_sys_time(task_info)
+ if not first_entry:
+ print()
+ first_entry = False
+ # Mimic Bash's 'time' builtin
+ print("{}:\n"
+ "real\t{}m{:.3f}s\n"
+ "user\t{}m{:.3f}s\n"
+ "sys\t{}m{:.3f}s"
+ .format(task_info[0],
+ int(real//60), real%60,
+ int(user//60), user%60,
+ int(sys//60), sys%60))
+except BrokenPipeError:
+ pass