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authorAndre McCurdy <armccurdy@gmail.com>2016-01-27 12:58:51 -0800
committerAndreas Oberritter <obi@opendreambox.org>2016-04-06 19:35:13 +0200
commit48291f20749f0ea28c59f041015cf8b7f614b6a9 (patch)
parent28f394f2a4cb3d3184cb670ade282da2a191fe26 (diff)
qemu.bbclass: clarify QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS is a way to add PACKAGE_ARCH specific options to the qemu_run_binary qemu commandline. The base QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS variable (ie without a PACKAGE_ARCH suffix) is not used, so defining it, either directly or via an over-ride has no effect. Although previously an over-ride for _armv7a was used, it did nothing for most armv7a builds, which typically use PACKAGE_ARCH values such as "cortexa9hf-neon". In practice this worked OK since without a -cpu option, qemu-arm will default to emulating a CPU which supports all required architecture levels. qemu-arm (v2.5.0) with no -cpu option has been confirmed to successfully run binaries built for armv7ve. Signed-off-by: Andre McCurdy <armccurdy@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <ross.burton@intel.com> (cherry picked from commit 62b25b3489b44969e4adad657daebfaffdb4de56) Signed-off-by: Andreas Oberritter <obi@opendreambox.org>
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/meta/classes/qemu.bbclass b/meta/classes/qemu.bbclass
index 315c17f2ff5..c696085ddf4 100644
--- a/meta/classes/qemu.bbclass
+++ b/meta/classes/qemu.bbclass
@@ -35,18 +35,20 @@ def qemu_run_binary(data, rootfs_path, binary):
+ " -E LD_LIBRARY_PATH=" + libdir + ":" + base_libdir + " "\
+ rootfs_path + binary
-# QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS is not meant to be directly used, the extensions are
-# PACKAGE_ARCH, not overrides and hence have to do this dance. Simply being arch
-# specific isn't good enough.
+# QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS is not meant to be directly used, the extensions are
+# PACKAGE_ARCH, *NOT* overrides.
+# In some cases (e.g. ppc) simply being arch specific (apparently) isn't good
+# enough and a PACKAGE_ARCH specific -cpu option is needed (hence we have to do
+# this dance). For others (e.g. arm) a -cpu option is not necessary, since the
+# qemu-arm default CPU supports all required architecture levels.
QEMU_OPTIONS = "-r ${OLDEST_KERNEL} ${@d.getVar("QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_%s" % d.getVar('PACKAGE_ARCH', True), True) or ""}"
-QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_iwmmxt = " -cpu pxa270-c5"
-QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_armv6 = " -cpu arm1136"
-QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_armv7a = " -cpu cortex-a8"
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppce500v2 = " -cpu e500v2"
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppce500mc = " -cpu e500mc"
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppce5500 = " -cpu e5500"
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppc64e5500 = " -cpu e5500"
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppce6500 = " -cpu e6500"
QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppc64e6500 = " -cpu e6500"
-QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppc7400 = " -cpu 7400"
+QEMU_EXTRAOPTIONS_ppc7400 = " -cpu 7400"