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authorAlejandro Hernandez Samaniego <alhe@linux.microsoft.com>2021-03-12 10:41:15 -0700
committerAnuj Mittal <anuj.mittal@intel.com>2021-03-19 16:03:25 +0800
commitb475ba8676c88286185aaafb3ff5217e475ec494 (patch)
parentc0a06ffdfc5fccee247e750413711cba237fb982 (diff)
devtool: Fix do_kernel_configme task
The do_kernel_configme task is no longer part of SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS, its been removed from the kernel-yocto.bbclass since b72dbb2e4, but there wasnt a matching patch for devtool for those changes. This patch enables us to invoke the do_kernel_configme task when using a devtool workspace, it also prepends a check for an existing .config file in the source directory and moves it if thats the case, since when using devtool modify a .config is created and do_kernel_configme complains about it, this is not the case when using bitbake since the .config file would be on B instead. Alowing do_kernel_configme to run also fixes the flow where testing a new config fragment from devtool workspace isnt added properly (config queue shows it as ///frg.cfg) and as a side effect it never gets merged into the final config. Signed-off-by: Alejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego <alhe@linux.microsoft.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org> (cherry picked from commit 08dcc0e68095dcf2a159546a48b29d40c9aabc0b) Signed-off-by: Anuj Mittal <anuj.mittal@intel.com>
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/lib/devtool/standard.py b/scripts/lib/devtool/standard.py
index 7b62b7e7b8..f364a45283 100644
--- a/scripts/lib/devtool/standard.py
+++ b/scripts/lib/devtool/standard.py
@@ -953,12 +953,17 @@ def modify(args, config, basepath, workspace):
if bb.data.inherits_class('kernel', rd):
f.write('SRCTREECOVEREDTASKS = "do_validate_branches do_kernel_checkout '
- 'do_fetch do_unpack do_kernel_configme do_kernel_configcheck"\n')
+ 'do_fetch do_unpack do_kernel_configcheck"\n')
f.write('\ndo_patch[noexec] = "1"\n')
f.write('\ndo_configure_append() {\n'
' cp ${B}/.config ${S}/.config.baseline\n'
' ln -sfT ${B}/.config ${S}/.config.new\n'
+ f.write('\ndo_kernel_configme_prepend() {\n'
+ ' if [ -e ${S}/.config ]; then\n'
+ ' mv ${S}/.config ${S}/.config.old\n'
+ ' fi\n'
+ '}\n')
if rd.getVarFlag('do_menuconfig','task'):
f.write('\ndo_configure_append() {\n'
' if [ ! ${DEVTOOL_DISABLE_MENUCONFIG} ]; then\n'