BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jansa/devtoolmeta-selftest: add test for .patch file with long filename and without subjectMartin Jansa16 hours
stable/dunfell-nutsstate.bbclass: When siginfo or sig files are missing, stop fetcher errorsMark Hatle20 hours
anujm/zeusavahi: Don't advertise example services by defaultPaul Barker26 hours
jansa/masterbitbake.conf: use ${TCMODE}-${TCLIBC} directory for CACHEMartin Jansa29 hours
jansa/artifactsimages: respect IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX also for *-testdata.json and *-qemuboot.con...Martin Jansa29 hours
jansa/warriorbuildhistory: show time spent writting buildhistoryMartin Jansa29 hours
jansa/warrior-backportsbuild-appliance-image: Update to warrior head revisionRichard Purdie36 hours
stable/dunfell-nextavahi: Don't advertise example services by defaultPaul Barker2 days
jansa/dunfellqemux86: Add identical qemux86copy variant for testsMartin Jansa3 days
rbt/ar_srcuriarchiver.bbclass: Fix duplicated SRC_URIs for do_ar_originalRobert Yang8 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-11-09procps: install symlink under /etc/sysctl.d in case of systemdChenQi/procps-sysctl.dChen Qi1-0/+4
2014-11-04docbook-xsl-stylesheets: add perl to RDEPENDSChong Lu2-0/+26 tweak inner warn message catchingHongxu Jia1-1/+1
2014-11-04python-smartpm: report warn rather than error during install with --attemptHongxu Jia1-3/+24
2014-11-04man-pages/shadow: resolve man pages conflictionHongxu Jia2-0/+11
2014-11-04shadow: enable support for subordinate IDsBogdan Purcareata2-1/+43
2014-11-04iproute2: backport a patch to make adding vxlan link successRoy.Li2-0/+36
2014-11-04python-pygtk: Restore pkg-config fileGary Thomas2-1/+14
2014-11-04pciutils: Fix multilib header conflict - pci/config.hMing Liu1-0/+4
2014-11-04python-2.7.3:remove BOM insertion codeKai Kang2-0/+25