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different user interfaces.
<section id="history-and-goals">
<title>History and Goals</title>
<para>BitBake was originally a part of the OpenEmbedded project.
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<listitem>BitBake, a generic task executor</listitem>
<listitem>OpenEmbedded, a metadata set utilized by BitBake.</listitem>
- Today, BitBake is the primary basis of the <ulink url="http://www.openembedded.org/"> OpenEmbedded</ulink>project, which is being used to build and
+ Today, BitBake is the primary basis of the
+ <ulink url="http://www.openembedded.org/"> OpenEmbedded</ulink>
+ project, which is being used to build and
maintain a number of projects and embedded Linux distributions such as the
Angstrom Distribution and the Yocto Project.
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- </para>
<para>BitBake satisfies all the original requirements and many
more with extensions being made to the basic functionality to
reflect the additionl requirements.
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execution of any arbitrary tasks.
<section id="Concepts">
<para>BitBake is a program written in the Python language.
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the power of the tool.
<para>A BitBake Recipe, denoted by the file extension .bb is